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Do you want to start making money from your talent and create for the people, instead of locking your works in the desk drawer? // Do you want to profit from your talent and start creating for the people, instead of for the desk drawer? If so, you are at the right place! At APOZ we have one of the most eco-friendly textile printing facilities in Europe with a production capacity of 100 km of fabric every month. We have everything you need to make your dreams a reality: we will turn your design into unique fabrics, knits and even finished products. It's time for you to make your move!


Step 1

Start earning from your talent! You don't need a company, experience or an extensive portfolio. Your unique projects are enough! The first step is to register on our website - you give us your basic information and that's it. It takes literally two minutes!

See how much commission you will get from each sale

How much can you earn ?

Uploading the patern

Step 2

Upload your project to our system and share it with others. We will take care of the rest. The system will process your design and allow you to purchase it on fabrics, knits and finished products.PS. You can also leave the pattern for yourself and upload it to the system, without sharing it to anyone else! To upload your design, use the "Upload your design" tab. Remember that the image file must meet a few basic requirements (how to prepare the file) - [scale 1:1, min. 300dpi, JPG or TIFF, correct report].

File confirmation

Step 3

Sit back in your favourite chair while we validate your files and launch your design on the site. If we detect any errors, we will contact you to verify and correct your file

In the meantime, just a few more moments and…

we start selling :)

Step 4

Your design has just been published on our site! By using reliable advertising and marketing sources, your designs will go straight to potential customers! 50 high-quality finished products with your design on them - that's how dreams come true, right?

How do we know our products are so good? Because we have tested each of them on ourselves and our children - and they are our most demanding critics! Children's textiles and decorations are our speciality.

A number of complementary processes guarantee a final product that continually conquers our hearts and those of our customers. The unique design, the quality of the materials, the packaging and the details that determine success. 
Now you are a part of it.

Beautiful and functional? We do both!