Are you a founder artist, creative mind??

What can you gain from us?

See what you can gain by selling your projects on our portal! In addition to the sales commission, many additional bonuses are waiting for you!

Stretch out and wait

Commission on the sale

As an artist selling designs on our portal, you will receive an attractive commission for each piece of material or finished product sold.

Find out more about the commission here.


Free Color Book

By registering as an artist, you will be given the opportunity to order a free ColorBook so that you can adapt your designs to our colors in the future.

Unique products

Shopping discounts

When you decide to buy our products or fabrics with your own pattern, you will receive a special discount for them!


Access to the seller's panel

You can check what products with your design have been sold on an ongoing basis, and you withdraw funds from your account whenever you want.

without borders

International advertising

It is important for us to promote your work. Our website operates in several countries and once a month we promote selected artists there. Click the EMPLOY ME button next to your store - this will allow manufacturers to contact you.


Soon ... Wholesale

We started our adventure with the wholesale of fabrics, which is why we will soon integrate D&F with

You will be able to reach over 1000 companies in 31 countries with your designs.

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