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  1. Who can become an author?
  2. Is every design automatically available for sale?
  3. Can I order a product with my own design without making it available for general sale?
  4. How to register and start selling?
  5. How to make a design available for sale?
  6. Do I, as the author, retain the copyright to the designs?
  7. What types of files can I win? How do I prepare them?
  8. How to describe patterns?
  9. When will my products be displayed?
  10. Are designs subject to verification?
  11. How will my pattern be used?
  12. What percentage of the sales of my designs will go into my account?top 5
  13. When can I withdraw the accumulated funds?


  1. Can I find your products in a stationary shop?
  2. Can I get material samples before I buy?
  3. What are the accepted means of payment?
  4. What is the delivery time?
  5. Can I edit my order?
  6. What forms of delivery are available?
  7. Can I return an ordered product?
  8. How can I complain about a received product?
  9. Where should I send the claimed product?
  10. What can I claim?