How works Design&Fabric

We believe in the power of creativity. Our idea is to connect artists with final clients. We want to deliver beautiful fabrics and unique products to homes, studios, hotels and restaurants - because design surrounds us everywhere.

All this is possible because we have created the best combination!

The highest quality materials

High-quality natural and polyester materials. This is one of the few things that we do not create ourselves - we buy ready-made materials from trusted suppliers. The materials are delivered to Łódź and finished according to our original method.


Modern own printing house

Thanks to our own printing house, we create materials from just one meter!

And that's what makes us different. One meter of fabric is enough to sew 4 unique pillows for your home, which you will not get in large retail chains!

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Automated own sewing room

Our own sewing and showroom allows us to offer you something more. You will find an extensive Kids category and many more.

We sew everything in Poland, at home - in Podlasie.

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Good team

Everything we built was based on design and an interesting idea. We managed to combine it with a fantastic IT department and an equally great Logistics department and sales.

And that was the challenge. However, we have created a team, thanks to which the materials and ordered products always reach you on time.


Availability in whole Europe

Our 14-strong sales service team enables communication in 7 languages.

Our goal is to appear in every European country. We are getting closer! :)


Trust us and check our quality!

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