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Our technology


The first stage of production is the weaving of material or knitting. We acquire our raw materials mainly from Poland. This allows us to maintain the quality and continuity of supplies. We have a real influence on the choice of raw material and its origin.


This is a very important element for obtaining a qualitative material. The fabric or knitwear is washed, softened, it is suitable for a fine white and a special coating, fully safe chemistry for pigment printing.

Chemistry used by us has Oeko-Tex certificates that confirm her safety.

At this stage, the material from rigid and gray, turns into a product similar to the one who goes to our clients.

Ecological printing

In this we are experts! We print materials in our factory, on the Italian machines of Aleph and Reggiani.

We are able to produce 120,000 m monthly. For production, we use certified pigment paints with Oeko-Tex certificate.

Pigment paints in 98% consist of water, thanks to which the material does not require further processing, and during the process there are no environmentally harmful waste.

In Apoz we have one of the more modern machine parks in Europe.


Here we also focus on ecology! Pigment printing does not require washing and evaporation at this stage, which significantly affects water saving.

The material is heated at temperatures from 150-160 degrees to have a desired chemical reaction between the material and the paint.

Pigment permanently connects to the material and excess water evaporates in a dryer, creating a fully safe material.